Hey everyone! It’s been over a week since i launched this website and I’ve gotten some great feedback on my videos. I feel very proud and overwhelmed by the great response I’ve gotten – all comments, all the shares, subscriptions on YouTube and all appreciation from friends, family and strangers (new friends!). So thank you so much!!!

I got in contact with some of my role models to thank them for inspiring me and motivating me to go through with this project and I received very humle and encouraging answers from some of them. Thank you Adam Gussow, Rachelle Plas and Jason Ricci! It means so much that you took the time to watch my videos!

Today I’m releasing a brand new video! This one is called “Shining In My Eyes”. It is the instrumental version of the song with the same name recorded with full band and vocals by my band Among Lynx. It will be on Among Lynx album “Revolution” in full version.

I wanted to make an instrumental version by the song to really emphasize the harmonica’s role in the song. I also think that the melody of the song is so simple and beautiful that I just had to draw some attention to it 🙂  I’m experimenting with a (to me) a new technique on the harmonica that is called something like “Polyphonic” playing, where you play several notes at the same time using tongue blocking technique.

The song is inspired by a song that was written by a amazing Australian musician that I once knew. My own version is a nostalgic love song about appreciating the past.

Written and performed by Elin “Luffar Lo” Öberg. Moa Brandt on the guitar.

The full band version is released on Among Lynx album “Revolution” on the 1st of Sept.