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Elin Öberg was rewarded with Uppsala Landstings kulturstipendium 2017 for her achievements on the music scene. The (brief) motivation translated into English:

” Elin Öberg goes on the path of renewal without trampling it when she gets into a almost totally male-dominated genre; the Blues. She has got a lot of influences from other genres, such as americana, soul, rock and folk, and combines them together perfectly.


Together with her bandmates in Among Lynx and Ladies Got the Blues she has successfully highlighted important female musicians throughout history and, above all, opened the eyes of the aging audience at Sweden’s blues scene. Now, instead, there is an increased balance in age and also gender in the audience. ”

Uppsala Culture & Education: Full lenght motivation

About Luffar Lo

I am a harmonica player and a songwriter with passion for Roots music. I love playing traditional genres like blues, soul, funk, folk and jazz. When it comes to writing music I like to combine traditional genres with contemporary styles, like rock and pop.

My band AMONG LYNX is a good example of that combination, where the dirty old Blues meets modern Pop/Rock.

I would describe my harmonica style as expressive and melodic, highly influenced by vocals. I like to think that the harmonica is just as colorful and striking as the lead vocals in a song. Above all, I try to work melodies and hooks, but also with dynamic phrases and rhythm as much as possible.

I’ve always had a passion for music – I started singing and playing the guitar as a kid, I’ve been studying music in school and at the University of Uppsala, but I’ve actually learned the most from playing with others and practising by myself.

When I was about 20 years old I decided to listen my way through modern rock/pop history and I started with American folk songs and early blues from the 1920-1930th century. That is when I fell in love with roots music – especially the blues. After hearing a slow blues by The Yardbirds from the 1960´s i decided I wanted to learn how to play the harmonica.

And so I did!