Among Lynx

Among Lynx


Swedish AMONG LYNX is the Root Rock band with a musical punch-in-the-face mindset. They will take you on a journey through dirty alleyways of polluted cities, to deserted back-roads on the countryside, to lush vegetation of ancient forests. They will leave you overwhelmed and inspired. They will leave you wanting more.

Among Lynx’s distinct sound is cocky and confident, raw in its simplicity and true compelling. With roots deeply engrained in Blues, Soul and Folk they have found the perfect combination of old and new. By experimenting with rock and pop they bring about a new, fresh, blues-scented pop-genre, with lyrics with an feminist agenda.

Their music is characterized by Eva-mi’s solid Rock’n’Roll voice, Elin “Luffar Lo” Öberg’s melancholic and howling harmonica, Moa Brandt’s bold slideguitar and Tove Brandt’s virtuoso and rhythmic double-bass plucking. And of course, a whole lotta fierce backing vocals.

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New album “MOVEMENT” out now!

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