From this day on I’m on You Tube! I’ve been recording videos together with the Uppsala film crew Filmarna during the summer and the day to put them online is finally here. I’ve recorded videos of me playing harmonica and the guitarist Moa Brandt, playing both original songs and covers by some of my role models.

I will be releasing new vidoes every week or every other week.

Videos that are coming up:

  • Introducing Luffar Lo Harmonica -promo video
  • Harmonica and guitar battle from AMONG LYNX song “The Sauna”
  • Original song “In My Trunk” on only harmonica and bassdrum

And a lot more! For example, tributes to some of the big names within the Blues genre, like Koko Taylor, Patti Drew and Swedish Louise Hoffsten. And also solos from Among Lynx and heaps of live videos from concerts.