My name is Elin “Luffar Lo” Öberg and I am excited to introduce my solo project Luffar Lo Harmonica! I will be recording and filming my own songs and harmonica covers and releasing them weekly on this web site and on various social media.

For the past five years I’ve been playing the harmonica and singing in several bands and constellations, mostly in my two bands AMONG LYNX and Ladies Got the Blues. My number one channel for musical expression and creativity has always been AMONG LYNX where i write music and lyrics, but for a while now I’ve been craving my own outlet. The main idea this project is to pay more attention to the harmonica as an instrument but also to introduce my own songs that doesn’t really fit in my two bands.

Except for introducing my own music I will also be working with other musicians within my genre and collaborate to create new and interesting music. I will also continue Ladies Got the Blues’ purpose to highlight and pay tribute to women in Blues.

See you soon!